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Our concept

KOLORO is a brand that bring you joy through design and creativity.

Everybody is happy when they are eating their favorite dessert. It does not matter your age, these moments make everyone smile. Sit back, relax and enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee while listening to your favorite music.

With a touch of joy and happiness in your everyday life, we would love to add just a little bit more.

Together with your child, choose the colors, variety and smells of each flower to create a beautiful arrangement. We offer the same experience by letting you select the right materials and accessories to design a unique gift by you for someone special. These shared moments will be an enriching time for everyone.

We aim to be part of your everyday life.

We are always thinking about bringing a touch of joy and happiness to someone’s life, as this is precious to us.

Design it yourself


エスペラント (Esperanto) 語とは、ルドヴィコ・ザメンホフとその協力者が考案・整備した人工言語。母語の異なる人々の間での意思伝達を目的とする、国際補助語としては世界的に認知され、普及の成果を収めた言語となっている。